Why spends hours and weeks lying around exposing yourself to the harmful effects of the sun or even to the potential risks of sun beds? There are now safe and effective alternatives enabling you to look bronzed, healthy and beautiful all year round.

“For spray tanning we recommend that you exfoliate thoroughly prior to your appointment and wear dark, loose fitting clothes to your appointment”

Treatment Price
Full Body (Peak Time) £20
Full Body (Off Peak)


Legs or Upper Body Only £12
Off-peak times Tuesday to Thursday 9am – 5pm
Peak times Tuesday to Thursday 5pm-8pm and Friday/Saturday 9am-6pm

Tantrum Rapid One Hour Tan

This fabulous tan develops to a beautiful natural colour after only ONE HOUR!  Plus the longer you leave it on the darker you can go - you are in control of the colour you want!

Treatment Price
Tantrum Rapid One Hour Tan £26