Calm your body and mind and melt away those aches and pains with our range of relaxing and targeted massages.

Therapeutic Massage

A relaxing massage encompassing a wide range of techniques that can be adapted to suit your specific needs. Ideal for helping to relieve stress and muscular tension.

Full Body £45
Back, Neck & Shoulders £30

Hydrotherm Massage Therapy

Lie back and relax on a warm water mattress whilst enjoying a deep and calming massage. No need to turn over so particularly beneficial during pregnancy or for those with impaired mobility.

Full Body £60
Back, Neck & Shoulders £40

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Harnessing their healing power the volcanic stones are bathed in warm water and then placed on the body. Their deep, penetrating heat is used to massage away the pain and tension of aching muscles, relieving stress and leaving you wonderfully relaxed and recharged.

Full Body £60
Back, Neck & Shoulders £40